• Physical Therapy.


    I was very happy with the PT and all the improvements that took place during the first 8 weeks, when I was able to stop using crutches. I joined the PT from there twice a week at the AMC and I continued to improve. Another Doctor told me that this kind of injury normally requires about 1 year to recover. After 4-5 months, I was feeling much better and I wasn't able to do PT weekly anymore. Still, AMC always has an open door if I call them. I would recommend the hospital to others if they ask me and especially in cases of sport medicine or orthopedic issues. Also, the physical therapist is and highly qualified and necessary for this type of operation.
  • I feel fortunate that I ran across AMC here in Shanghai.

    I feel fortunate that I ran across AMC here in Shanghai. Their expertise, professionalism and dedication to what’s best for their patients left me convinced that I could not have found a better orthopedic clinic anywhere in the world.
  • The relief I have after going through this experience with AMC is unimaginable.

    – TORN ACL


    The relief I have after going through this experience with AMC is unimaginable. I have not hesitated to recommend them to anyone who has suffered a sports related injury here in Shanghai and in greater China. While no one wants injuries like this to happen to them, I feel more confident participating in several sports here in Shanghai knowing that I have the support of the AMC crew should anything ever happen again.
    A. E.

Feedback from our patients

Dr. Amali, you are a life saver. All is well and I cannot thank you enough for taking care of our children when nobody else would.
L.T. – Sick Children
Great service from the very professional team from the AMC, quick diagnosis and a variety of treatment options were presented. Thanks for everything!
B.G. – Physical Therapy
I visited AMC last year to get a diagnosis for elbow pain that troubled me for over 2 years - and at that time I had seen everyone that mattered in the medical profession in Shanghai (all major expat hospitals, osteopathy and physiotherapy clinics, acupuncture, TCM, etc). Through AMC I was first able to first get a correct diagnosis - a torn UCL ligament in the elbow that had been missed by every other specialist in town. The problem required a specialized surgical procedure called UCL reconstruction, AKA Tommy John, which as far as I know no one can do in China. The surgeon from AMC (Dr. Lyle Cain, from the famous Andrew's Clinic, and physician of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays ) who operated on me performed a flawless surgery. I was fully recovered after 8 months, 4 months less than the average recovery period. Though this is but one data point, I can't say enough about the quality of their services, staff, medical expertise, and post-op care. I'm not sure anything better is available within mainland China. Personally, if I'm going to have surgery, I'd rather not mess around and have someone world class do the job. There's a reason many pro athletes choose AMC as well.
K.L- UCL Reconstruction
I did my MBA at CEIBS and have lived for 5 years in Shanghai. I have often used Parkway health throughout this time. HOWEVER, that is now at an end. I just found American Medical Center (AMC) and am in LOVE! This center has the TOP doctors from the U.S., the staff goes above and beyond, and they have provided everything I could wish for in my medical provider. I could not promote this new business enough and will certainly return. In addition, I will, without hesitation, refer all my friends. Amazing doctors, service, and free water/wine in the waiting room... SOLD!
D.N – Illness
Dr. Clanton, It was a pleasure meeting you and the team yesterday and I cannot compliment the AMC team enough on the overall service encounters I experienced. It has been a very long time since I have come across such a high level of service, let alone in the medical industry.
D.A. – Health Check
I want to thank the American Medical Center for making me feel at home away from home. What I mean by this is, being a foreigner in Shanghai and suffering a severe injury that required extensive surgery, I was very close to flying home, having surgery and taking time off from work to rehab. However with their premium service, accessibility and network of professional doctors, it was an easy choice to stay in Shanghai to have my surgery done while feeling at ease and in good hands. Pre, during and post-surgery, Dr. Kao and her staff have been attentive, proactive and caring towards my case. I was truly blessed to have had my surgery done by the renowned Dr. David Adkison, who not only is the nicest man alive, but also happens to possess one of the deepest set of surgery skills and experience in the entire US orthopedics industry. AMC has been and continues to be there every step of the way for me as I recover, and I would without a doubt highly recommend AMC to anyone who has suffered an injury in China.
D.Y. – Severe knee injuries
The doctors are the best I've come across in 7 years of living here. By far the most professional medical service in Shanghai. Thanks for helping fix my back!
S.B. –Back Pain