The Redwood Development Center (RDC) at AMC offers Occupational, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and counseling to children and adults by highly qualified and experienced therapists. The center is available to the Montessori School of Shanghai families and others who may benefit from these specialized services.  These services are available on a self-pay or insurance basis.

The RDC incorporates an interdisciplinary approach by working closely with the family, physicians and other healthcare providers.  A therapeutic plan is developed so that each individual may reach his or her potential in motor, intellectual and social skills. The approach is fun, playful and friendly in fully equipped therapy rooms.

The Redwood Development Center is named for the Redwood tree, which grows from the smallest pinecone to the tallest tree in the forest. Some trees grow to be more than 330 feet or 100 meters tall.  Redwood trees begin when a forest fire ignites the ball where the pinecones are stored on the trunk, and thousands of seeds are released. However, only a few seeds start to grow. Redwood trees always begin their young lives protected by a circle of mature trees. Their job is to shelter the young redwoods.

Redwood trees are special. Children and adults are special, too, and some need additional support to help become healthy and strong.  We believe that circling and protecting those who will benefit from additional support is a worthwhile endeavor.

Please contact us if you are interested in seeking services provided by the RDC for your child, a loved one or friend.


RDC Clients


1. Psychological problems: autism / Asperger’s disorder / mental retardation / mood disorder / attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) / learning disabilities (LD)

2. Genetic diseases: skeletal dysplasia / Down Syndrome / Muscular Dystrophy

3. Neurological problems: cerebral palsy / sensory integration dysfunction

4. Orthopedic problems: varus / O-type legs / X-type legs / flat foot / congenital limb anomalies / sports injuries

5. Other: developmental delay (Big Action / fine motor / language / social retardation)


RDC Services

Occupational therapcan help children the development of cognition and intelligence , fine motor skills, sensory integration, visual motor integration, emotional and social skills and living skills.


1. Standardized developmental testing

2. Sensory processing/integration evaluation and treatment

3. Cognition and intelligence development

4. Fine motor development including handwriting

5. Emotional and social skills training

6. Attention training

7. Activities of daily living training

8. Visual Perceptual/ Motor training


Physical therapy can help children improve their functional independence, gait, posture, balance, range of motion, strength, and endurance.


1. Gross motor development

2. Airway clearance and cardiopulmonary conditioning

3. Exercise prescription

4. Myofascial Release

5. Orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation

6. Infant Massage

7. Kinesio Taping Therapy

8.Evaluation for wheelchair and adaptive equipment/ Splint fabrication


Speech therapy, assessment and training for various language disorders (e.g.. dysarthria, aphasia, delayed language development and stuttering)

1.Overall Language Development Assessment and Trainings

2.Deglutition Assessment and Training

3.Reading Training