Dr. Sack comes from a diverse medical background. Serving as an Olympic team physician for over 10 years and the team doctor for a local professional football club, he has extensive experience dealing with spine, joint, and acute and chronic sports injuries.


Last month, we had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Sack about his work, preparing for this year’s Summer Olympics in Rio and his love for sports medicine.


Q. Tell us a bit about yourself

Dr. Sack: I’m a trained orthopedic surgeon and have had residency for 6 years in Israel. I was involved in a three-year program in sports medicine, not just orthopedics but also physiology. I’ve also worked with Paralympic athletes and Israel’s Paralympic team for almost a decade. I’ll be taking their team to Rio this summer. I’m also the physician for a major league soccer team. Other athletes who are referred to me are often tennis and basketball players.

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Q. Can an injury get worse if it’s not treated?

Dr. Sack: If you have a common ankle sprain and don’t take care of it or try to walk it off, it may get worse. Very often if you don’t take care of it or do physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around it then it could become a recurring problem – creating instability and it can even require surgery later on.

By seeing a doctor you maximize your healing potential. If you don’t, you take a risk that it will get worse.

Q. What are the next steps if you do go see a doctor?

Dr. Sack: Treatment is conservative and many injuries can generally be resolved without surgery when addressed immediately. If you do need surgery, you may not need open surgery – may be arthroscopic as well. The first thing we do is try to treat it conservatively, which may involve physical therapy. Then we look at imaging and next steps.

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Q. What’s the most fulfilling part of your job? What gets you up in the morning?

Dr. Sack: I’ve been focusing on hard to heal wounds, particularly in foot and ankle. Patients often see me on a weekly basis. It’s rewarding to see someone come in with a problem and it may be a very long period of treatment for a serious injury but then we see their problem go away.

I also find working in sports medicine with professional athletes who come to you their entire life very fulfilling.

Dr. Sack will be seeing patients at the American Medical Center from April 16-24th. To schedule an appointment, call 6485-7333.

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