Spring is in the air and with that you’re probably starting to become more active, taking walks through the French Concession, playing basketball with your kids or going for a jog around one of the parks.

One of the keys to success with getting back to an active lifestyle is making sure your body is healthy and ready for the change in activity. Our team of specialists at AMC are here to help you build and fuel the best version of yourself so before you lace up your shoes for that run around the block, come in and see us for a COMPLIMENTARY session of rehab, physical therapy, or chiropractic therapy at AMC’s Hongqiao location.  For those with acute or chronic pain, come try out our new localized cryotherapy through our partnership with Cryo World.

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To take advantage of our limited time offer for a complimentary physical therapist session, please make sure you call 6485-7333 to make an appointment first and present your voucher on arrival.

Offer is redeemable for new patients.  Patients with insurance coverage will have their copays waived.


Download your voucher here certificate WEBSP

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